Few weeks old baby

Question: Avoiding mosquito bites ....how ?can we use allout ( mosquito repellent liquid) .is it good for baby

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Answer: Hi! Try using mosquito bat to kill them. It will be controlled over a week. Use the bat regularly every few hours. Especially before bedtime. And use net to protect the baby. please put mesh for the windows... it cuts down on the mosquito menace. Use mosquito nets . Avoid using repellents for the baby, it may cause breathing issues. Avoid opening the door in the early evenings. Coconut oil plus camphor is also very helpful. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hie Apply coconut oil, ghee, calmine lotion or boro plus on the affected area add 2 drops of neem oil or tea tree oil in your baby's massage oil or lotion to keep mosquito away Dress your baby in full sleeves t-shirt and full pants Try godrej mosquito repellent drop rub on your baby  clothes or bedsheets to keep mosquito away. Keep windows shut post 7 in the evening
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Question: Please advice, any mosquito repellent or anything to avoid mosquitoes. Currently we are using mosquito net in the night. However, there are still mosquito bites. Can we use Allout etc for our baby?
Answer: No. Don't use allout or any other brand. U can try natural mosquito repellent from mamaearth, its paches, stick them onto his nearby surroundings.and after bite roll on to prevent from mosquito. Keep him covered and safe in the net.
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Question: Hi. Can we use Allout for baby to avoid mosquito bites. Or any other options?
Answer: Net is best option to safeguard your baby from mosquito bite. So you must use it. All outs and other liquids are prepared with harmfull chemicals which can harm your baby too.
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Question: Can we use allout , goodnight or any mosquito repellent with baby?
Answer: No, please don't. Those fumes are harmful even for adults. Keep your baby away from such chemicals. Use mosquito nets. They are the safest.
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