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Question: At what stage or in which week we would know that all the body parts of the baby has formed?

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Answer: You can go for first level of ultrasound scan at 7-8 weeks and you can go for anomaly scan at 20 weeks of gestation to check for any fetal abnormalities.
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    anjali kherpa526 days ago

    Thanks dr. Fathima

Answer: Hi dear baby full growth happens after 37 th week. After 37 th week baby will be full term . Before that baby is growing.
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Question: On which month all baby parts are formed
Answer: Hi dear once you go ahead to get your anomaly scan done between 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy by that time almost all the parts of the baby's body and the test is also conducted to see if all the body parts are growing normally and naturally or if there is any kind of structural defect in the baby's body however the last thing which gets matured at last is the lungs of the baby almost all the organs get matured which time and it doesn't happen for all at a time.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Now all the parts of my baby fully formed ?
Answer: Hello! At 23 weeks all the parts of the body of the baby is almost formed but it is still under the developing stage. Also the baby is now almost 11.4 inches long and looks cute. But yes, the parts are still developing and the baby has to go a long way till we can say that the baby's development is fully complete. Take care
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Question: Now all the parts of my baby is fully formed?
Answer: Hello ma'am , Congratulation for your pregnancy, No not possible in 11th week ma'am u have to wait more . Thanku
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