2 months old baby

Question: At what age Gripe Water can be given to babies ?

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Answer: Usually gripe water is not preferred for babies under one month
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Question: At what age of the baby gripe water can be used
Answer: hello! ghutti and gripe water are not advisable by the doctors. according them---  they make baby cranky spoil the digestion system. sometimes they may be cause of allergy. they have contain sugar in big amount which can increase the risk of tooth decay.  gripe water and ghutti may affect baby's feeding habit. some gripe water contains alcohol and artificial flavors which are very harmful for babies.  they also contains baking soda. baking soda should not given to colicky. 
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Question: Can Gripe water be given to 2 month old
Answer: Hi dear usually doctors advice not to give anything for babies under 6 month so it is must to avoid Gripe water instead of giving this you can take a cup of warm water with Hing this helps baby to pass gas freely and also it will make baby to get a good feed.
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Question: Can gripe water be given to 3 months old baby?
Answer: Hi. No dear please aVoid any such liquid for your baby. . Even doctors dont suggest this for baby now. .
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Question: Can gripe water be given to 37 days old baby
Answer: Hi.. Its better to avoid any other drink or food to the infant till 6th month. Only mother feed is the best food and that is sufficient for all the growth for the baby.. You may give some water after 3 or 4 months.. But strictly no to gripe water as it has alcohol in it.
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