31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: At 29+3 weeks pregnant with twins.....my belly is so itchy....i apply body lotion and olive oil but still its too itchy....what can i do?

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Answer: Hi dear.. try oat meal powder bath.. it's very effective for eradicating itching.. you can also use aloe vera enriched soap if your skin is not allergic to it. Apply Franch oil NH which is also very good in removing itching sensation during pregnancy
Answer: Some days itching ll be little more as ur skin is stretching to accommodate ur growing baby. If necessary apply olive oil again and keep massaging. Don't scratch without oil it LL cause stretch marks
Answer: Apply coconut oil, ask Ur Dr for some good lotion
Answer: Try mustard oil just after taking bath.
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Question: My baby body have rashes ..i use olive oil and himalaya lotion and cream for face....what i do
Answer: Hello! It could be that your baby is getting rashes due to some food. It is better to once consult the doctor and for the time being stop using oil or any cream. Take care
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Question: I am 20 weeks now. Can i apply olive oil on my belly to avoid stretch marks.? And from which month can i take oil bath??
Answer: Yes dear you can apply olive oil to belly for avoiding stretch marks. But it would be much more effective if you apply it right from first trimester. You can still apply it and give good nourishment to the skin. You can have oil bath during last trimester. But do not use any aroma oils. go for natural coconut oil. Never stay too long with too much oil on. Take good care of yourself during this time
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Question: Can i apply any cream or lotion with fragrance when it gets itchy over my tummy?
Answer: Hi... avoid creams and lotions with fragrance ... for the itching over at tummy... you can apply olive oil coconut oil and give a good massage .... I play organic moisturizers .. you can try Cetaphil moisturizer which is just mild and gentle ... you can use creams that contain sheabutter , cocoa butter... but you should never scratch ...
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