20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: At 20 weeks my cervix length is 29 -30 mm. Do i need cerclage.?

Answer: Hi,yes it looks like you will need cerclage.yiu will have to meet your Dr and take help and decide fir this ,till then you should try and take bed rest.abd nit do more activities. Take care
Answer: If you are first time pregnant, if no history of previous second trimester loss then No. But if cervix is short clinically and if Internal os open on Sonography then yes you need
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    Krutarth Bhatt113 days ago

    Mam i have been prescribed isox 10mg twice a day and internal os is closed and i am 1st time pregnant but i had history of bleeding at 9-10 weeks. Please guide.

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    Anonymous Mom113 days ago

    Ok. The tablet is correct to avoid uterus contractions and to prevent pain in abdomen. Actually cervical encirclage is preventive procedure to avoid preterm delivery so even if done it wont cause much harm

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Answer: Yes because minimum length of cervix should be 30mm
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Question: I m 20 weeks pregnant and my cervix length is 43 mm is it normal?
Answer: Hi Dear! i think its fine becz if its not less than 2.2mm then usually thr is no risk.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My cervix length at 28 weeks is 39 mm. Is it fine?
Answer: Hello The cervical length is 4 to 5 cms it gets shorter as ur pregnancy progresses. The average cervical 3.5cm. When the cervical length decreases below 2.2cm women face about 20 percent chances of having preterm labour. The lower the cervical length goes higher are the chances of having preterm labour.
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