31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: at 31 weeks i feel less baby movement. pls help

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Answer: In 31st week stage the babies movements slow way down, there's just not that much room anymore. Try either eating something sweet or drinking cold water and laying down on leftside. Poke and push your LO (little one) around a little to try to get it to move. You should feel the baby move ten times in an hour. If you don't feel anything after that call your doctor.
Answer: As ur pregnancy get mature u will start getting less.movement as baby size is increasing. So the space for baby to move will be less.
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Question: I m 31 weeks pregnant.today i feel less movement of baby .why it is so?
Answer: Hello Usually we feel little movements towards the end of the pregnancy as the baby has less space to move around. If you still feel like you are not getting any movements try this. Eat some chocolate or sweets, sugary items will wake up the baby. Or else try to drink cold water or cold juice. This will help you. Hope this helped you alot
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Question: less movement last 3 days at 31 weeks.. any peoblem
Answer: Hi desr generally baby movement do get less intense in late pregnancy due to the increased size as well less space left. But make sure movement has to be there. Only the kick intensity will get low. If u have any doubt plz consult doctor.
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Question: At 36 weeks why the movement of baby I can feel less
Answer: Don't worry dear, now less space is available dear, that's why you are getting less baby Movements. Throughout the day you should feel more or less. Take care, wish you a safe delivery 👍🙂 .
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