34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: at 33 weeks doppler cerebo placental flow ratio is 1.23 cm and ri of mca/ri of ua, normally 》 1. what does it suggests. pls advice

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Question: Mild increase in diastolic flow of mca brain sparing effect shows Doppler report what is it mean
Answer: Hi Dear! Fetal middle cerebral artery (MCA) Doppler is done to assess fetal cardiovascular distress , fetal Anemia, or fetal hypoxia ( low oxygen). So this report shows mild increase in the diastolic flow of mca with brain sparing happens when there is hypoxia( low oxygen levels) which means that there is insufficiency of the blood supply So this hypoxia causes increase in the diastolic flow...but since it is mild , there will be mild decrease of the blood supply to the brain.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My Doppler at 37 weeks shows early sign of placental insufficiency.what does it mean? even though baby's growth is normal
Answer: Hello Placental insufficiency means the placenta is not able to provide all the necessary nutrients needed to sustain the pregnancy. As the require nutrients and oxygen are not given to the baby. The babies growth may get affected wch can cause complications for the Pregnacy and the delivery of the baby. Hope I helped
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Question: What is ua sd ratio and risk if it is slightly elevated?
Answer: Hi, You have not mention that how much raised is your SD ratio A number over 3 is a concern because it shows that there is some resistance in the cord flow, but it doesn't mean that will do anything immediately, if the growth of baby and amniotic fluid and other parameters are normal. Just take care of your diet and have protein rich diet
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