15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: at 16th week which scanning is done

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Answer: 13 mhine ke baby ko khane m kya kya du
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Question: at 16th week which test is done
Answer: During the second trimester, many women will have a variety of tests done. Most women will have an ultrasound. They’ll also get blood work, urine tests, and a glucose tolerance test done. Some women may choose to get testing for complications in the development of their babies. Other tests may be recommended depending on a woman’s health and medical history. So ultrasound and blood test is common and other test varies from person to person
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Question: At which week anomaly scanning should taken
Answer: Hello Dear... anamoly scan is also known as mid pregnancy scan,it is usually carried out in second trimester, it takes place between 18 to 21 weeks,but usually it is performed in 20 weeks,in this scan they will close look you and your baby,the sonographer will check whether baby is growing normally and lying of your placenta
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Question: at which week anomaly scan is done?
Answer: Hello dear. An anomaly scan, also known as a mid-pregnancy scan, takes a close look at your baby and your womb (uterus). The anomaly scan can be performed between 18 – 24 weeks. All the best.
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Question: In which week third trimester scanning is done
Answer: 24 to 26 the week..
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