16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: At the 15 week my placental site is anteriorly with lower pole 3.5 cms fro. Internal os. Is it a problem?

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Question: My tvs report says i have low lying anteriorly and its lower margin touching the internal os is it ok? I have problem when i walk for long
Answer: If ur placenta is low lying, then avoid lifting heavy weight, take complete rest, don't walk for long if u r facing problem,,, u should also avoid intercourse...in such cases where placenta is low lying there is risk of bleeding so u should be very careful.... But don't worry this will be resolved as your pregnancy progress on and your uterus increases in size
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Question: Lower margin 3.9 cms away from the internal Os in anamoly scan....is this a serious complication??
Answer: Please answer for my question!!!!
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