13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: At the first month of pregnancy my weight was 71 now i lost two kgs in 2 months some doctors suggest me to gain weight n some to lose weight what should i do now???

Answer: Dear first of all follow only 1 doctor who is ur gynae. If you will visit more than one it would be confusing. Secondly if ur baby is growing fine please do not worry about the weight loss. Just talk to ur gynae. There is a specific range within which healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies should stay: For women who start their pregnancies at a health rate, it’s 11 to 16 kgs. (The range varies for underweight to overweight to obese women, as the larger a woman is at the start of her pregnancy, the less weight she should gain to maintain a healthy pregnancy.) Unfortunately, deviating too far from these ranges can lead to serious complications for mother and baby. I would say consukt ur doctor to understand how much weight gain is good for you. Hope this helps.
Answer: Pregnancy is not the time to think about dieting & loosing weight... It is quite normal to lose weight in the first trimester due to the nausea & vomiting.. I lost 3.5 kgs... But if you are overweight then the doctor might ask you to control the amount of weight that you gain during the pregnancy
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Question: Hi, am ruchi, I lost about 2.5 kgs of weight in my first trimester pregnancy..n now this is my 15th week of pregnancy..n I didn't gain weight.. worried about it..plz suggest what to do?
Answer: eat ghee .. nuts .. badam wala dudh 2 times a day nd proper meal .. nd eat banana in afternoon after meal .. nd apple
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Question: My baby was 3.3 kgs at the time of birth Now her weight is 7.2 kgs it's normal? What should I do to increase it
Answer: Hi dear,you must have started with solid foods na Try giving her Carbs like potatoes,corn,rice Give her more cheese and butter You should give high protein rich diet Give nuts Give oats Ragi Give her eggs,low Mercury fish Don't force feed your child give her all veges and fruits Smoothies. If the child is active and playful then don't worry so much about her weight. Gradually the weight will increase. Also let me tell you at this age it is difficult to feed Bab helthy things because hey are fussy eaters so don't worry about that,yes,of,course you should try but it's ok. You should give baby small.meals Give them.fruit puree
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Question: Hello I am seven months pregnant... I was 51 kgs before pregnancy and now I am 58 kgs.. How much should be the healthy weight gain?
Answer: Hi dear it vary person to person. Make sure that ur baby is growing well . On an average a women should gain 10 to 15 kg in their pregnancy . So u r going fine as most of the weight increases in last trimester. Make sure to keep ur weight under average as excess weight couldn't affect ur normal delivery process.
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