34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: At 33weeks of pregnancy I have anterior grade 1 placenta and heartbeat is 142 bpm. What are the chances of normal delivery

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Answer: Hello! It is not possible to say if the chances of normal is there or not as you have not mentioned the position of the baby. By 32 weeks generally baby changes its position to head down which is ideal for normal delivery.
Answer: Position is head down but my TSH is 4.09 and am not under any medication
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Question: What r chances of normal delivery of anterior placenta at grade 2...mine 37 weeks running
Answer: Mine is also the same situation. Doctor says e erything is normal and we will try for normal delivery. Nothing to worry now.
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Question: At week 32 i had anterior placenta upperseg grade 2 maturity,is it safe.what are the chances of normal delivary?
Answer: If you have grade 1 or 2 it may still be possible to have a vaginal birth. talk to your OB GYN regarding the same
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Question: My baby is in vertex position with placenta anterior ..what are the chances of normal delivery??
Answer: Illusion means your baby is in head on position which is ideal for normal delivery anterior Placenta is not a problem for normal delivery as well it means that your Placenta is in front wall of uterus which is not a problem at all don't worry I have delivered my baby normally and I Too Had anterior Placenta so don't worry
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Question: My scan report says "Placenta is attached to the fundo-posterior wall. Placenta shows grade 1 maturity." What does this mean?? What are the chances of normal delivery??
Answer: Placenta is attached to the uterus and uterus has two walls anterior wall that is front wall and the posterior wall that is back wall In your case Placenta is attached to the upper part (fundus) of the back wall which is considered normal Grading indicates the maturity of placenta ,grade one at this week is considered normal
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