13 months old baby

Question: At night which cream or oil can I use everyday for baby private area.

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Answer: Dear you can use coconut oil on baby's private parts it prevent from rashes and there is no side effects of it..
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Question: Can i use any oil or cream for back pain...
Answer: Hello Dear it is common to have Back pain because tissue in your body naturally become softer and stretch to prepare for pregnancy As pregnancy grows, your back work extra hard to balance your body. some home remedies to help *massage your spine n back *warm bath can help in easing the pain.  *hot water pack placed on the lower back help sooth pain,ice packs too can help, use a pack of frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel.  *Sleeping on your side with a pillow placed under tummy n knee help sleep more comfortably. *correct posture when you sit *If you have pain in your tailbone avoid slumpin sit back fully to the backrest so that your back remains straight. Try using a soft cushion. If your back pain is unbearable and you prefer to use a cream, spray or gel, first check with your doctor. She may be able to prescribe one that is safe to use during pregnancy. 
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Question: Hiii.... I m 11th weeks pregnant.. Can I use hair removal cream on my private area...
Answer: Hie I suggest it would be best if you don't as they contain strong chemicals and may irritate your skin As due to increase blood volume and hormones your skin become extra sensitive and itchy So the irritation can last for 2-4 days
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Question: Suggest the hair removal cream which can use during pregnancy to clean private area as i dnt want to use razer or sezzer
Answer: Hello! It is better to use any hair removal cream during pregnancy. They have chemicals can react and hence better to avoid any sort of cream... Razor is ghetto safest option. Take care
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