35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: At my 35th week scan Baby in Cephalic position.Will baby change the position ??

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Answer: Cephalic presentation means head down position, which is necessary for normal delivery , spontaneous reversion occur but depends bon head size and size of uterus. But at 35 week , there are really less chances of baby to change it's position due to the increased growth of baby
Answer: Hi. No now there is very rare chance that your baby would change position. As babies head is heavier and at down baby couldnot lift his head up now. And cephalic is the position needed for veginal delivery. Good luck.
Answer: Hi At 35 weeks there is no room for your baby to move , changing position isn't possible at this stage So don't bother Stay active go for walks regularly and practice squats under supervision and maintain a healthy diet
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Question: Cephalic position means what ? In my scanning report fetal position is cephalic . what is that
Answer: The baby is positioned head down and it's the most common position for birth. This position makes your baby's head press against your cervix and helps it to open
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Question: My baby is in head down position !will it change the position further???
Answer: Dear most babies get into head down position between 33 and 36 weeks.typically, at term once a baby is head down and low enough space to turn ,they will stay and fix in the pelvis.so do not worry, everything will be fine.all the best for your delivery.
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Question: In my anomaly scan it shows presentation cephalic means head down position right?? My doubt is ..... Will this position change or not ?? Now it's my 30th week is my baby stay upside down now ?
Answer: Yes dear most likely position will be same so nothing to worry this is best position .tc
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