7 months old baby

Question: at my baby birth he had very silky hair but after shave now his hairs r very rough nd his growth is also incomplete ..hairs r not growing from back side ....

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Answer: Shave two to three times more
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Question: My baby is 3 and a half month old.... at birth he had head full of hair.....but now I am observing that he is having a hairfall....he will look bald now compared to his hairs at birth..... but also some new hairs are coming..... is there anything to worry about his hair fall......
Answer: Check if your baby's scalp is red or has white dry patches which are coming off wjile try to scrape always scrape very carefully when checking for Eczema . also see if the patches are very distant and vary in size if this is it and see them. then this is cradle cap or also can be eczema that will need topical steroids or HH derm cream to reduce the extent of lesion so in a month you will see the growth of hair follicles again . but now it is important to see a Dermatologist first
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Question: Hello.. My son is 3 month old.. His hairs are not growing, they r growing very slowly but his hairs are more in back than in front.
Answer: Congradultion for becoming parent. It's absolutely fine. Every individual Baby is different, some of them has slow hair growth.. once he becomes a year old u can shave his head consecutive 2 or 3 month. it may gives thick hair growth.
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Question: My baby is 5months old.. her hair growth is very wierd. In crown area very slow growth but back hair r growing fast. Is it fine to do mundan at this tender age?
Answer: Apply a badam shirin almond oil are Vitamin e oil for babys head and even you can massage to all over body it is give very good result
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