11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: At 8th week of pregnancy below are my TSH and Fasting Insulin results 1. Fasting Insulin: 12.30 uU/L 2. FBS: 83 mg/dL 3. TSH: 0.761 uIU/mL Is this normal ? Is my TSH low amd insulin high ?

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Answer: Hi dear, Fasting insulin should be less than 25mlU/l.so it is fine.your FBS is fine too.tsh is in normal level.not to worry.
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Question: I am in 8th month. Gestational diabetes found at 8th month pregnancy. As per today's blood test FBS is 120 mg per dl and PPBS is 157 mg per dl. Does this sugar level affect the baby.?
Answer: Hello ! If precautions are not taken ,yes it will effect your baby . Have your medicine and control your diet ,everything Will be fine .
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Question: I m 12 weeks 5 days pregnant. My parents are diabetic so doctor asked me to do GTT and FBS. I have taken and the results are , FBS - 104 mg/ dl, with75 cms of glucose after 1 hr : 246mg/ dl, 2nd hr : 139 mg/ dl, 3rd hr: 74mg/dl .. and for the past week I didn't get adequate sleep ,and Improper diet .. My doubt is whether I can repeat the test again after a week or to start with medicine??
Answer: Hi Dear! If the Dr. has asked you to start medication its important to start the medicine, the meds only lower your levels and safe fr yourself and the baby.. If you have GDM be sure it does not pass through to your baby but yes due to high glucose levels baby's weight might increase than gestational age, baby may be too large. Check your diet and reduce carb intake. take Doc prescribed medicine and it will be controlled. Walk daily and include lots of fruits, veggies and fish in your diet. Good luck!
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Question: I took my glucose tolerance test @ 28 weeks. The results are fasting 83. 1st hour 125. And second hour 164. Is this normal
Answer: A normal fasting blood glucose level is lower than 95 mg/dL (5.3 mmol/L). One hour after drinking the glucose solution, a normal blood glucose level is lower than 180 mg/dL (10 mmol/L). Two hours after drinking the glucose solution, a normal blood glucose level is lower than 155 mg/dL (8.6 mmol/L).
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