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Question: At 6th week gastation size is same as 5th week gastational size...no yolk seen no growth seen

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Answer: Hi dear, It is too early now.and such growth lags or delays are common at this stage.give some time to grow and each baby grows in its own pace.it again depends on the pregnancy hormones levels.only after it reaches above 1500,yolk sac is formed.
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Question: At 6th week no yolk sac seen...there is no growth...only gastational sac 0.30
Answer: Hi dear, It is absolutely normal.and please donot worry.i had the the similar thing during my pregnancy.there was no sac detected and had to revisit at 8 th week.and there was my baby with heart beat.ao it's just a matter of beta HCG levels,which increases in different pace in each individual.and when you conceive late in the cycle,you would have gradual increase of this hormone.only when the beta HCG levels are 1500 plus, gestational sac,yolk sac and then heart beat is detected.so please rescan after few weeks.it is pretty normal thing.
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Question: 5th week pregnancy no yolk scan
Answer: Hello dear It is too early to feel or see any cardiac activity at 5 weeks. We cannot get clear idea about about fetal pole. In fact, during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, fetal heart rate is almost always confirmed by using an ultrasound machine, which uses soundwaves to pick up a baby's heart beat from within the uterus. Don't worry just wait some more time. If ur scan will be done at 10 week than u will get clear idea.
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Question: Hi i m 28 wk prgnent.my belly size is small and no stretch mark is seen as same as other mom ...but why? Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear it is absolutely normal. This is not necessary to have stretch marks always . If u r havkng proper water and active then due to skin flexibility u will not get the stretch marks. Bump size can be influenced by lots of factors, including: the number of pregnancies – first pregnancies tend to be smaller bumps because tummy muscles are tighter the number of babies – women carrying multiples often have bigger bumps the amount of fluid – it’s not just baby in there, the amount of fluid in your uterus could also affect your bump size the baby’s position – you may notice that your bump changes shape each time your baby changes position your posture – your bump may look bigger or smaller if you stand in certain ways Your body structure - height, weight, hip size etc
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