32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: At 32 weeks what is normal range of amniotic fluid index

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Answer: Hello dear, 8-18 is considered as normal amniotic fluid level during pregnancy... 14 is the average level of amniotic fluid in the last month of pregnancy..
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Question: My amniotic fluid index is 11.4 at 28 weeks 5days...is it in normal range...if not how should i increase the fluid index...what happens if amniotic fluid index is less?
Answer: Hi, Oligohydraminos is a rare condition where the amniotic fluid is deficient.It can cause complications ranging from abortion,deformity like club foot or even amputation of a limb,cord compression, etc. Oral administeration of water increase amnioyic fluid volume.Amniofusion can also be done. please consult your doctor
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Question: amniotic fluid index range is high? How much is normal?
Answer: Hi.. Generally the normal index of Amniotic fluid is between 8-18cm. It is very important to keep the amniotic level in balance. Avoid eating too much salt or sugar. That’s the most you can do at your end. Rest let the doctor tell you what is to be done.
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Question: Hi, what is normal amniotic fluid index at 34 weeks??
Answer: Hello...The value 14 is considered to be normal in the 34th week of pregnancy but after 34 weeks, the amniotic fluid gradually decreases showing that u are getting ready for giving birth
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