7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Asslamo alaikum m 7 week pregnant as per the this app my last mentural date is 13 May 2020 at 27 of June dr get my sonography she said me I m 7 week pregnant n my embryo were not to seeing m lil scared what should I do it's a bad sing for me or not plz help me m guid me I don't wanna.loose my.baby he/she will be my first baby 😌

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Answer: Walaikum assalam dr wait for a week in sha allah everything will go on well
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Question: M pregnant form 6week but as per the healofy app Saturday dr get my sonography she didn't saw ambriyo she only saw the water bag n as per the dr she said 7 weeks completed of my pregnancy m still confused n nervous too for invisibility of embryo pls help me n give the proper guidance dear doctors
Answer: Sometimes it happens even I have gone through such condition if yours is healthy pregnancy it may be seen after few weeks if not automatically within 3 months you will come to know Don't worry pray for the best
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Question: My usg pregnancy Doppler ultrasound is due i m very sacred because i Don't know my all reports were normal why my gyene's prescribed usg pregnancy Doppler that is why i m very very scared pls pray for me
Answer: Don't be tensed routine checkup at is done at 30 weeks this is a good thing that your reports are fine in this report they are going to check the blood flow to the baby and inside the baby's body
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Question: Hi all I Was 5 week pregnant when I went to check ultrasound with doc ,she said we are not able to see it and advise me to come on 6 th week So feeling bit scared ?
Answer: Don't be scared dear a 5 week old baby is very very small so just go for a scan in 7 to 9 week of pregnancy that I am your baby can be detected very well
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