2 years old baby

Question: As you know my baby is 827 days old..... He is hyperactive and always wants to do what mamma Does..... Like cooking cleaning etc..... But there is one problem...... Am asking him to talk..... But he does not..... Am telling the words repeatedly, then he will tell it for some time and he will forget..... That's all.... He is Always interested in playing.... Going outside.... But he does not show any interest in talking..... Can you plz give me tips for how I can make my baby speak?

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Question: My 2yr old son is not talking. He is following some rhymes. Know few numbers, few words. But he is not asking anything.. Not telling his needs.. He is active and always involved in Play. Can anyone suggest me how to improve his speech.. Thank you
Answer: Dear he is already doing good. If he has started with rhymes number and few words. Gradually you will see the improvement. Read stories. It is the best way to make baby interact. Ask them questions while reasing stories make ur baby repeat the lines. Hope this helps.
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Question: My son can understand all the words ....but he cant say anything ....but he wil talk some different language...only for sometimes...he wont answer to us....all r saying why he's not talking still now...is he wil talk r not...iwas gtng fear,..what should i do..any medicines...while iam saying the words he wont speak...if he interested he wil talk some different language
Answer: Dear relax my daughter started speaking when she turned 2.8yrs and then also few words and as per her wish. By the time she joined playschool that helped her in speaking and gradually she has started speaking fluently. So please do not worry all kids are different so are there timelines. Hope this helps.
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Question: 👋 friends....my baby boy is 2years4month but he does not speak many words..he only speaks mumma and papa cleary.....for asking pani earlier he was saying pa..when he was 1years 6 months the he was speaking more words like fan,bird but nowadays he often speak these words....we all worried..
Answer: Your baby will pick up more words from you and everyone else around him. Keep making conversation with your baby in adult language and not in baby language.
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