8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: as we know sex is a natural activity lekin yadi 1st trimester me mother ki ichha ho sex karne keliye to kya karein

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Answer: pregnant women often don't want to have sex because they think that it may harm the baby inside the uterus, but sex is a normal part of pregnancy. yes, it is safe to have sex any time in pregnancy until you are not having complications like unusual cramping or bleeding or if your doctor has put you on bed rest.However, sex should be avoided if: You have a history of premature birth or labor or miscarriage. You experience unexplained vaginal bleeding or discharge. You have placenta previa, or a very low-lying placenta. all the best and happy pregnancy
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    Chaitanya Pai645 days ago

    orgasm is bad for first trimester. it causes uterus contraction. please don't have sex in first trimester

Answer: first trimester mein baccha bahut neeche hota hein. sex Accha Nahi hai.. orgasm uterus contract karta hai it's not good. first trimester ke baad ok but doctor ki poochke
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Question: how to know that the baby is stayed in fallopian tube can we see it in tbe 1st trimester scan
Answer: This is case of ecotopic pregnancy where fetal growth happens in fallopian tube. Very first ultrasound can easily predict the same. Consult your doctor and let them know your concern to have ultrasound to eliminate such possibility.
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Question: Silly questions 😝 second trimester me sex ki ichha badhti hai me ny padha kya aap me se koi aise feel kar rahe pelvic area me blood flow badhne se aisa hota it seems. Is it true
Answer: Hlo dr,mera 2nd trimester parso over hone wala h,same mne b notice kiya h,2-3din se ab mann nhi kr raha h last 3mnths bahut mann krta tha,i dn't 9 why it happens or does it happens to all
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Question: Is it normal to have TSH (Thyroxine Stimulating Hormone) or is this going to effect pregnany as in 1st trimester it should range between 0.1 - 2.5 but mine is 4.15 as we came to know in TSH test.
Answer: Hi it is hyper thyroid... kindly consult doctor and start taking medications... pls don't take chance as thyroid is one of the most influential gland for pregnancy.. as yours is still in 8th week thyroid should be under control or it might lead to complications... pls see your doctor asap
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Question: What are benefits of progesterone medicine in 1st trimester .. progesterone is natural hormone. . Still do we need to take progesterone medicines?
Answer: hi dear is progress ton is a natural hormone but when they hormonal development is less for some women it may cause more bleeding and also my lead to miscarriage so to increase the Brook restaurant level we give artificial supplement through medicines it helps to avoid getting bleeding and also it will avoid getting miscarriage during pregnancy it will develop the hormone level so doctors advise some of the ladies to take progesterone medicine during pregnancy to avoid getting any risk factor
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