37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: As today we took my last scan report of 9th month...in that it came that chord is been around the fetal neck...is that normal or is it danger....i am worried About that....plz suggest

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Answer: Its usually not dangerous..doctors and obstetricians solve this problem easily as far as I know.for more concerns please ask your doctor as she will be able to brief u properly
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Question: Cord around the neck of fetal m worried about it
Answer:   Hello dear , Don't worry it's happen. umbilical cord wrapped around baby's neck is a very common concern among pregnant women, it rarely causes a problem. Lots of babies are born with the cord around their neck or other body parts. It really depends on how tight the cord is and what else is going on. 
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Question: I am pregnent about 33 week and in my last scan mentioned that loop of cord around the fetal neck. is it normal or any serious. kindly answer.
Answer: Not a serious issue but u need to keep a close eye on the baby movements, most of the cases the cord will go later due to baby's movement...
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Question: I took growth scan this at 33 weeks. In the report it says two loop of umbilical chord is around baby neck
Answer: Hie Need not worry two cords aren't unusual Probably it would sort on its own if it doesn't and if they are loose then you can even opt for normal delivery If not then you would have to opt for c section It is safe to have csection as well no problem with that
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