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Question: As per sonography, I'm six weeks 3days pregnant, today I went for my first scan, where oly G sac is seen. No yolk is seen or no Fetal Pole, they asked me to come after 1 o 2 weeks, is this normal, I'm scared alot.

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Answer: Yes dear it happens. Usually fetal pole can be seen only after 8 weeks.
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Question: Here is my delivery journey which will help other soon to be moms On last Saturday night, pains got started around 10.30 pm they became severe in the mid night and pain intensity got reduced in the Sunday morning. So , I thought they were fake pains but they weren't. My mucus plug was opened and a very little amount of red color discharge came out. So I visited doctor and she asked me to join and I immediately joined for delivery but there's no improvement in my pains, they were coming and going. On Sunday night my pains got severe they were like for 30secs for every minute. My doctor said that cervix not yet opened completely we have to wait until It will open 100%. I was crying with pains all the night and I requested to induce me pains so that I can go for labor but my doctor rejected my propsal and told me "as this is your first time delivery it will take 2 or 3 days so stay strong and take rest". And on Monday morning my pains became much stronger and I felt like I can't bear these pains after 3& half hours of sever pains I delivered my baby normally. While in the process I told my doctor that I can't give pains any more.. let's go for c- section but my doctor told me that I can give pains and I did really well till now and she encouraged me a lotto push the baby. My intention to share my delivery story is that if anyone planing for c-section just to avoid pains plz think twice before you go for that. C-section is for people who have any complications and if the due date is crossed and still no scope for pains. But if you are fit and can give pains then go for normal delivery. At the end every mother suffers a lot to meet their bundle of joy. One more thing during my entire pregnancy journey there was no white nor any color discharge and there were no fake pains. I used to worry for that so if any one of you also don't have any symptoms like me plz don't worry.
Answer: Congratulations to you and lots of love and blessings to the new baby!! So you delieverd on your expected day or before that??
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