37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: As per routine visit to my doctor with ultra sound report.currently i am pregnant with 36weeks and as per visit to doctor with report,it shows there is one single cord found around on baby neck. Doctor suggest for pre delivery from EDD by inducing labour pain.Is it ok or not I m bit nervous,everything will be ok na

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Answer: hi dear! so dear if the scan shows a single cord in around the baby's neck then it happens with most of the pregnancy . dont worry the umbilical cord that is surrounding the neck carries the blood to and back from the fetus. and since your baby is getting all the nutrients and blood from the umbilical cord and not from breathing there is no problem. but we will have to keep checking the blood flow in the cord. if at any time it reduces then induction of labour would be good. but as long as there is no complication then induction of labour should not be the option. as baby's with single cord around the neck have been delievered normally by vagina and then as the head is delivered the cord is removed from the baby's neck and rest of the body is delivered without any problem. so just see for the blood supply problem, normally there should not be any problem. take care! i hope this information was helpful to you!
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Question: I am eight month one week pregnant.In my latest ultra sound it was found that there is a cord round the neck (One).Is there any thing to worry.Ultra sound doctor said that everything is normal
Answer: It's ok baby sometimes unwrap it till delivery more over 1 loop of cord not a matter of complications. 2 loops of cord required c section. However once again consult with your doctor for that.
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Question: I m 38 weeks pregnant n now a days i m noticing that while sleeping my baby hiccups increases is that normal in recent ultra sound its shown that cord around neck single loop seen is everything normal????
Answer: Hello, Dear it's normal to feel baby hiccups and there is nothing to worry about it. While moving baby gets loop around it's neck it's common and normal. Usually baby unloop on its own but now you are in your 39 week so it's not possible but there is nothing to worry in it. Even normal delivery is possible with 1 loop around neck. So don't worry baby is completely healthy and fine..
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Question: As per Sono today there is a single loop of cord around fetal neck. Will delivery be normal or will it have to be a C section.
Answer: hello dear single loop around baby's neck is not a matter of concern because as the baby moves the cord will loosen itself from the baby's neck. only if there are two cords around the baby's neck it is a matter of concern.
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Question: Good evening ,as per my 34 weeks USG my baby's weight shows 2011 gm. ,is it OK? and single loop of cord around the fetal's neck ,is there any problem?
Answer: Almost same in my case... pls answer the question
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