9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: As per lmd present gestation period is 7 week 4 days but as per scanning it is 6 weeks 6 days.Why like this.is it shows any problem.

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Question: I'm 10 week pregnant.....but scanning shows 7 week 5 days...Foetal cardiac activity not seen...is there any problem.
Answer: Hi dear, Since your foetal age is 7.5 weeks,,it's better to wait one more week atleast to get cardiac activity.donot worry,I am sure you would get to hear baby heart beat in next two weeks.
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Question: According to my lmp..it shows 6 weeks 6 days and as per my tvs scan, it shows 4 weeks 3 days.is this condition normal?
Answer: Hi dear, It is absolutely normal.if you had late conception,then there could be delay or mismatch in pregnancy date.but it's fine as initial growth would have such lag.later on it should pick up.not to worry.
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Question: Dear doctor my lmp was October 8th but my scanning report shows it was 7 week 4 days.. actually any problem is there?
Answer: No it is not a problem.. scan report depends upon baby growth..
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