17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: As per my lmp today i m 17week pregant but my ultrasound report showing 1week more that is 18week. Is it ok

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Answer: Ultrasound shows as per the growth and development of the baby... There is nothing to worry.. Even I used to have it always.. So it is normal.
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Question: As per my LMP 17 april 2017 currently i should b 37 week preg but as per ultrasound its showing 36 weeks...which week i should consider correct??
Answer: Hello dear, scan report shows according to baby growth. That's why you can find difference between lmp and usg date. 1-2 week difference is nothing to be concern, so don't worry. You can consider your due date from lmp date. 
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Question: Which date is accurate in ultrasound report..as per usg or as per lmp?
Answer: Hi dear,date from d first day of ur last period indicate in which month ur pregnancy should be but scanning date indicate d actual growth of baby...So if they r same that's not a problem..but any difference between them indicate a problem...
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Question: Hi m 35 week pregnant.. My due date as per lmp is 23rd feb but as per ultrasound its showing 10th feb.. Which date i have to consider?
Answer: Always follow your LMP due date... because ultrasound due dates keep changing with each ultrasound. Ultrasound due dates depends on the babys growth... most doctors follow lmp due dates only... 
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