39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: As per lmp my due date is 24 and last two scan my EDD is 18 nd 21 ,which is correct

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Answer: Scan date can vary so don't trust the scan date and believe ur LMP. That will still be a closer days if ur delivery.
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Question: My last lmp EDD date 8-8-18,but scan EDD 1-8-18.which one is correct
Answer: As delivery comes near delivery date changes with time. But you need to consider your first delivery date which is 8-8-18. Changes occur as per growth of the baby. If your due date calculation changes and it throws you off balance, try to keep in perspective: Whatever day he is born will be beautiful. And really, there is no way to know your baby’s exact arrival date until he is here.  Enjoy the element of surprise and the unpredictability – it’s great practice for parenting!
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Question: Plz ans.whether edd as per scan is correct or due date as per lmp
Answer: Only 4 percent of pregnancy mature at right exact EDD. Expected delivery date may change in every scan. No need to worry about this, your baby may come on or before or sometime late then EDD. What I feel EDD date as per scan report will close to delivery date in compare to due date. Hopefully i have answer your question.
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Question: As per my lmp, edd is nov 27. But in scanning report it is Nov 21.which date is correct?
Answer: Don't see the date mam jarori nai same date Mai hi baby born ho bus remember only thing after 8th month delivery kabhi bhi ho Sakti hai depend on Ur child only..
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