3 months old baby

Question: As ia am working women..at the time of joing my baby going to be 5 months..can I start other food ..like cow milk or lactogen powder

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Answer: Hi you can pump your milk and store in fridge It stays fresh for 24 hours before feeding just warm and feed the baby if the quantity is not sufficient you can start formula milk but please do not start any other feed till baby finishes six months later you can start with some fruits like banana apple vegetables like boiled carrot boiled potato Cerelac nestum you need to start only one item at a time and see if baby is able to digest it if baby doesn't have any allergy to the product cow milk you cannot start before baby finishes one year as it has high levels of potassium it is tough for the babies Kidneys to filter it take care
Answer: Hi there some moms do introduce solid food to the baby at the age of 5 months but before that you should consult your doctor to start this food habit . if doctor allows to give your baby then its fine .don't give cow milk to your baby before one year of age as it contains protein which baby cannot digest stop discuss with your doctor and then you can give Ragi cerelax Apple sauce banana puree .u can give formula.milk surely
Answer: Hi dear, Yes, offcource you can give formula milk.please avoid cow milk,as it won't be having much nutrition and it is difficult to digest.lactogen can be used.if you still have breastmilk,then you can also express and keep it in feeding bottle for your baby.
Answer: You shouldnt give cow milk to baby till baby is 1 year old ! You should consult your pediatrician about this. :)
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Question: Hi, my baby is 4 and half months old .. can i start giving her cerelac or any other baby food. I am a working women i have to start going back to work from 7th month . I have heard that we should only give breast milk till 6 months but i have to make her follow some other food than breast milk.
Answer: Hello, Dear baby is very small and it's not advisable to start guving any form of food to baby now. Wait for 2 more months and once baby is 6 months then give anything to baby. Baby's digestion is not yet ready for any food other than milk only. So don't take any risk..
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Question: I am working women...my maternity leave will be over by nov 2 at that time my baby will be 5 months 12 days shall i start semi solid food to feed her??
Answer: Me also having the same problem.But you can give pumped breast milk and formula
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Question: My baby is 5 months old...can i start giving her cow milk ( packed ) as i have to start job by 01 Nov as of now she is on breastfeeding n lactogen milk
Answer: Dear till your baby is 1 year don't give cow or buffalo milk to baby because it can cause severe digestion problems and doctor's don't prescribe cow or buffalo milk before baby turns 1 year.. so if you have to join job back then give formula milk and Express the milk and store it in the fridge and then give it to your baby.. also baby would be six months by then so you can start some Semi solid food in between also... so don't worry it can be managed but please don't give cows milk.....
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