9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: As i am 8weeks pregnant woman and i have today blood bleeding heavy no pain at all what i do now

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Answer: Hi. dear don't worry you should go to your Gynecology as soon as possible.doctor advice you what to do. take care don't worry
Answer: If there is bleeding go to hospital or call your doctor immediately.
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Question: As per scan now am 8weeks pregnant and no heartbeat heard and no growth is there..what should I do now
Answer: Hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy .it's completely fine if u didn't get to hear ur baby heartbeat. As there is still a lot option to see it till 10 week as baby heartbeat are so low that sometime it missed getting detect.most women who are heavy and some who have scar tissue dont get to hear the heart beat until around 12 weeks. so nothing to worry and visit doctor as per define.  All the best. 
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Question: Plz help me.. I am 8weeks 6days pregnant.. And today I had a small spot of blood.. Is that I have to worry.. As I check my routine on Friday.. And that all is fine.. What to do.. Plz help
Answer: You should contact ur doctor because sometimes it's not a good sign.
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Question: since morning i saw blood spotting twice but no pain at all..what should i do??
Answer: Hi dear it could be happening due to cervix stretching or may be due to uttari expansion. Which happens in last days but do inform the same to ur doctor for the safe hand.
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