27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: as compared to my weight gain from 5th to 6th mnth my weight now in 7th has been reduced by 1kg. dr told that weight should b gained more as 7th mnth has been started. also everyone saying mera tummy itna nhi dikhta ditna 7 me rehna chahiye. im not at all worried abt my weight gain bt baby should b healthy. kya aise he tummy kam to baby weight kam hoga? my tummy is never empty aftr every 2 hrs im eating toh if in case weight increase karna h to constiptn acidity ka issue hoga. plz guide

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Answer: Don't worry much about your weight it's important that your baby should gain weight. if the baby growth is fine then it's absolutely normal don't worry. After all you later wants to loose weight better to gain in moderate. So relax, ask your doctor about baby health and growth. If fine then don't worry. Some ppl shows big baby bump some not . there us no relation between baby health and baby bump size. when I was about to born my mom in her 9 months even doesn't look like pregnant with full term baby and I was born more than 3.5kgs.
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Question: Hi .I'm 32 weeks pregnant. My weight is not increasing as compared with last date of checkup .What should I eat to gain weight for my baby.
Answer: Hello dear...A well balanced Pregnancy diet is an key to healthy weight gain during pregnancy,so follow these steps to yield a healthy baby with proper weight gain Eat atleast six meals Eat frequently,is the secret trick to gain weight during pregnancy,you can have small meals throughout the day,will give you healthy weight gain Have soaked dryfruits Start your day having a handful of soaked dry fruits,it is very essential for your babies development and it helps to gain weight fast Don't skip meals During pregnancy,you should not skip meals,this will lead to nutritional deficiencies.. Almond milk Have almond milk,daily evening,it is very good for you to gain weight during pregnancy Banana Have banana after dinner everyday,it not only helps in weight gain but also gives good colon health Warm milk before bed Have warm milk before bed ,it will promote you good sleep,and gains weight too..
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Question: plz tell me what foods should i eat to gain my babies weight ....m 8th mnth pregnant....n babies weight is only 1kg 600grms.....😭
Answer: Include foods such as whole milk or skimmed milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, cottage cheese (paneer). All these food items are rich sources protein, calcium, and vitamin B12. If you are vegetarian, eat dals, cereals, dry fruits in your everyday diet to make up for your body’s requirement of protein.  Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet as it will help you gain your body’s required amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Make sure you have about five servings of each on a daily basis. If you eat meat and fish, make sure you include them in your everyday diet as well, as they will provide your body with the required proteins. Drink lots of water. You can simply have clean water throughout the day, water and fresh fruits. Avoid going for packaged juices as they are very high in their sweet content. Eating fats will help your body get the energy it needs to help you support the growing baby as well as prepare your body for the delivery. Vegetable oil is a good source of fat as it has unsaturated fats. Butter and ghee (clarified butter) contain a lot of fats. To make sure that what you eat helps your body and also helps you stay interested, spread out your food through the day by following different food idea.
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Question: hey its my 6th month but mera tummy boht kam dikhta hai or weight b increase ni ho rha ..weight gain k ly kya khau me
Answer: Increase your protein intake,dry fruits,milk,lots of green vegetables,fruits.
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