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Question: Are there chances to get pregnant with precum.

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Answer: Hello! Yes, there are chances of getting pregnant with a precum too. Hence, if you are not planning for pregnancy, then you need to take proper precautions. Take care
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    Nikita Raikar1054 days ago


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Question: As we all know about Coronavirus plz and I am really very scared and worried about it can u tell me what precautions to be taken and how much chances are there for a pregnant woman to get it
Answer: I can understand what you must be going through dear so please don't worry just maintain proper hygiene and stay away from people who are coming from outside unless they wash their hands well and change their clothes don't go outside unless it's mandatory to go if you want get in touch with any person who is already suffering with coronavirus you won't get it
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Question: Hiii I wanna be pregnant without having sex is there ways to get pregnant???
Answer: Yes there is artificial insemination that can be opted..where the sperm of any man is injected in your uterus .and th n wait for it to fertilize your egg..IVF is another procedure where your egg and sperm of man can be taken and fertilized in lab and then implanted in your uterus.
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Question: Is there any tablets or pills to get pregnant without having sex
Answer: Unfortunately no.there is no way to get pregnant with have artificial ways like artificial insemination or IVF.where you require man's sperms.but no n ed to have sex.
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