7 months old baby

Question: Are teething medicines like dentonic safe for babies ? If yes, what is the dosage ? My baby is 7 months old

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Answer: Hi dear, Please avoid any teething medicines.your baby is just 7 months now.Teething can start as early as 6 months to 14 months of age.even if he has not started yet,it is fine.every baby is different and their milestones can vary.if you see any signs of teething like fussyness,and excessive drooling,give him ateether to sooth the swollen gums.alao a fresh cut carrot can also help.you can freeze the carrot and give to him.
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Question: Is colpep safe for 1 month old child ? If yes, then what is the preferred dosage.
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 1 months old dear ur baby s so small so don't give any medicine without consulting ur pediatrian .Because pediatrian gives medicine according to babies weight . So consult to.ur pediatrian then give any medicine to ur baby .
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Question: Someone recommend me to use dentonic homeopathic medicine for teething in babies..is it safe??
Answer: Hi dear I will personally not suggest u to give anything. Dear this is a natural process and giving such medicine can affect ur baby health. Plz don't give it to baby. Even I didn't give anytha to my baby. And he is fine.
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Question: If we are planning for a baby then should I start folic acid tablets ? If yes what is daily dosage?
Answer: Hi dear it is always advisable to have iron and calcium. Tablets before conceiving as it increase the chances of having less complicated delivery. Most of the time women has deficiency of these important mineral and for healthy pregnancy it is very important to have this limit. Also u should make a note to consult doctor for the same as ur doctor will advise u d dose by check ur iron and calcium level in ur body.
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