40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Anybody tried perineal massag to avoid episiotomy or stiches in vagina during Delivery? Let me know please.

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Answer: Actually perineal massage is not that much of importance. By what I have read and watched from doctors (I am not doctor), in Asian women perineum is quite tight, so baby has to put pressure for long time and tearing will be very jagged. It is suggested that it can be done to avoid tearing, but in India most doctors give episiotomy to primi (first time mothers), to safely get the baby out and also a bit quickly. Even I was going to do it, but now found out that it is not as effective as Dr.Google says it is. But what you can do are squats, use Indian style toile, kegels, butterfly pose, donkey kicks, as these help pelvic muscles to stretch a bit and also strrngthens your legs to bear labor, if you have been working out regularly.