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Question: anybody know about epidural anesthesia? Pls tell me

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Answer: Epidural anesthesia is the most popular method of pain relief during labor. It is injected when u want baby without pain. Epidural anesthesia eases pain while delivering a baby. Whether u want to have or not an epidural it is completely ur choice.
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Question: Is anesthesia good or epidural anesthesia..
Answer: Hi dear epidural anaesthesia is given properly then there is no side effect but a small mistake during the injection can cause lifetime back pain. Where as full anaesthesia can cause irregular pulse beat and irregular BP in some patients. But I personally prefer for full body anaesthesia and I took that during my pregnancy and presently i am absolutely fit and fine. You should discuss the same with your doctor before delivery. Take care.
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Question: What is epidural anesthesia??
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy Epidural is given in normal deliveries to reduce pains during delivery.It is given when the dilation of cervix reaches certain point. It is given just like general anesthesia on your back. Slowly your pains reduce and you can deliver baby. There are also did advantages to it. If it is not considered properly you may get back pain which can last for lifetime. Since you don't have pain you push baby hard and you will not understand if there is a tissue tear. But most of the mothers are preferring it as it is pain-free delivery. Take care
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Question: can u tell me something about epidural
Answer: Hello! Epidural is local anesthesia given in the back to reduce the pain during normal delivery.
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Question: Anybody know about anaasa in just born babies can anyone tell the solution pls
Answer: No anasa nothing, babies will poo more upto 20times a day upto 3months
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