26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: any substitute of milk as I suffer from gastric prblm and acidity after taking milk ? Let me know what should I take instead of milk?

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Answer: Guess u r lactose intolerant...u can tak soy milk which is also good source of protein...alternately u can tak milk in other forms like lassi,chach, paneer, curd, custard etc
Answer: Plz reply to me also
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Question: M severely vomiting after taking iron pills...what can I take instead of pills?
Answer: Hi dear. Why don't you try syrup. And you could increase it by eating iron rich foods Eat dry fruits n fruits daily .. have dry dates .. Eat beetroot if yur sugar level is normal .. daily have one pomegranate fruit (not juice).. Daily take 2-3 figs at mrng...n drink black grapes juice....n at night ...'ve milk with 4 dates in it.. And take pomegranates.. beetroot..carrot....n spinach in ur diet. .. eat anjeer dates and nuts.. along with these have citrus food so body will absorb iron faster.. and improves hemoglobin... drink beetroot juice carrot juice.. pomegranate.. cereals also has good iron.. tc , Hope this helps!
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Question: I vomit after taking milk curd or buttermilk. Please suggest any substitute of milk as my leg and hand pain while sleeping.. Only vegeterian diet
Answer: Hi dear. if you are not comfortable with plain milk then you can opt for soya milk . cheese will also give you enough calcium . if you like in hand paining then you should also include enough iron in your diet. daily eat pomegranate seeds or drink pomegranate juice . if you are facing this problem then it 24 is also very good option for you
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Question: I have acidity and gastric issue if i drink milk so any other substitute for milk.
Answer: Take some ajwaan with salt with luke warm water it helps
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