2 years old baby

Question: Any recipe with walnut

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Answer: Hi, Candied walnuts : Sugar, honey, water, salt, walnut halves , baking sheet and alumni foil. Bring all the ingredients to grind , put this mix in a pan add water and bring it to boil, add some walnut and cook for few minutes. Cool down and cut into pieces. Your child will like it and it's healthy too.👍
Answer: Hi,
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Question: cn any one pls help me with ragi porridge recipe
Answer: 1. Wash and soak ragi for at least 8 to 10 hours. While soaking they can be refrigerated or water needs to be changed a couple of times to prevent odor. 2. Drain off and blend them in a blender jar with little water. Add water as needed. 3. Place a cloth over a colander and keep a container under it to collect milk. 4. Pour the blended mixture to the cloth and then squeeze off to extract milk. You can repeat blending and then filter once more. 5. Cook this milk on a low flame till the mixture thickens as needed. If using milk, cool it completely. Add formula powder to a cup and little water make the milk and add it to the ragi. Stir well. 6. Always serve warm. Warm foods are lighter on the tummy and digest well.
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Question: any food recipe during losee motion .
Answer: Hi, loose motion can decrease water level in your body. You should try to get rid of immediately.  Before taking any medicine, you can try this... You should avoid to take roti. Mung dal ki khichari with curd will help to prevent loose motion. Foods that are rich in soluble fiber like oats, carrots, apple and bananas good during this time. You must take light-foods. Avoid milk in your tea time, you can take lemon tea also for good result. Add some liquids like watermelon, juice, coconut water, soup, lemon water,soup etc. in your diet. Try to take more rest.
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Question: Pls help me with oats recipe
Answer: hi dear , oats is a very healthy option for kids. you can give it as oats porridge where you can boil water and then put the oats to it to cook and also add some fruits finely chopped or even apple juice etc to it. when you get the required consistency , let it cool and then can make the baby eatl You can alternatively make it like oats kheer with Breastmilk or formula.For this you can use a pinch of elaichi powder as well. If you have started jaggery for the baby then can add that as well .
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