30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: any one whose baby is in breech..position...

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Answer: My sister had a baby with breech position. She delivered by c-section. Baby was healthy and fine
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    aishwarya mishra812 days ago


Answer: My baby also in breach position and delivered by c sec...
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Question: Baby is in breech position is there any risk in c section delivery?
Answer: Dear breech presentation is when legs or buttocks of the baby are positioned to descend the birth canal first.actually breech is safer to deliver by c section than normal delivery.so not to worry.c section is best for breech baby.take care
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Question: Now, my baby is in breech position. Is this any problem. Pls help me.
Answer: Well you need to monitor the position through scan.as of now no need to worry .as it is 22 weeks..there is possibility for baby to turn by the time you deliver.
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Question: Now, my baby is in breech position, is this any problem...
Answer: Dear as of now not an issue.as you are in 22 weeks only..so there is chance of changing baby position.relax.in breech position there is no possibility of normal delivery..
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Question: What is breech position?its any complications
Answer: Dear in breech position baby head is up and legs would be facing th birth canal..it is a complication as one cannot deliver normally..only c section is teh only option..
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