39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Any one knows please tell me what is fetus AC at 90th centrile

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Question: What is meaning of no fetus in the sac .? Is any hope for baby?Please tell me in detail.
Answer: Sorry to say dear but a blighted ovum happens when a fertilised egg (ovum) implants in the womb (uterus), but a baby doesn't grow. The medical term is "anembryonic pregnancy". Sadly, when this happens, it results in an early miscarriage. This is when you may be told that the pregnancy sac, which would normally contain an embryo, is empty. Please do not get disheartened. Stay strong.
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Question: Ict blood test wt is that if any one knows tell me
Answer: Hello dear. The indirect Coombs test is commonly done to find antibodies in a recipient's or donor's blood before a transfusion. A test to determine whether a woman has Rh-positive or Rh-negative blood (Rh antibody titer) is done early in pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: If amniotic fluid is on the 90th centile in 8months ...is any problem to the baby please suggest me
Answer: Hello! If the amniotic fluid is on 90th centile then there is no problem at all. Please don't take much stress. The normal range is considered between 8-18. Take care
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