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Question: Any one knows info abt stem cell banking

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Answer: Stem cells banking is the wisest decision a parent should make during the birth of their baby. It can protect your family from several medical conditions. When you attempt to do this noble initiative makes sure you bank it with a stem cell bank that as Community stem cell banking module. This community banking module can give us access to both own and donor stem cells and offer protection for your entire family. Go ahead preserve it at Lifecell and protect your entire family for a lifetime against 100% of conditions treatable by stem cells.
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Question: is stem cell banking good
Answer: Yes it is beneficial in future to treat any bone blood brain liver and kidney diseases
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Question: what is stem cell banking?
Answer: An amniotic stem cell bank is a facility that storesstem cells derived from amniotic fluid for future use.Stem cell samples in private (or family) banks are stored specifically for use by the individual person from whom such cells have been collected and thebanking costs are paid by such person.
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Question: Is stem cell banking worth
Answer: It is a personal choice dear. If you can afford it I feel you should get it done. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is stem cell banking is beneficial??
Answer: Yes, it is important for 80deceses cures by using stem cell u choose public stem cell bank no cost for storing and useful for ur baby and other s also
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