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Question: Any one knows info abt stem cell banking

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Answer: Stem cells banking is the wisest decision a parent should make during the birth of their baby. It can protect your family from several medical conditions. When you attempt to do this noble initiative makes sure you bank it with a stem cell bank that as Community stem cell banking module. This community banking module can give us access to both own and donor stem cells and offer protection for your entire family. Go ahead preserve it at Lifecell and protect your entire family for a lifetime against 100% of conditions treatable by stem cells.
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Question: Can any one explain about cord blood stem cell banking
Answer: Hello! Cord blood stem cell banking is done to reserve the stem cells to that if in future the child has some life threatening disease it can be cured. Though in India it is recently started. Some support it while some don't due improper ways of preserving it. It is personal that you want to go ahead with it or not.
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Question: Stem cell banking krvana chahie?
Answer: Hi! Stem Cell banking karwayenge ya nahi aap ke upar depend karta hai lekin ek baar demonstration lene ke bad delete cord clamping ke bare mai bhi soche aur uske bare mein padhiye mujhe lagta hai Samsung banking se delete cord clamping Jyada better hain.. Hope this helps!
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Question: is stem cell banking good
Answer: Yes it is beneficial in future to treat any bone blood brain liver and kidney diseases
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Question: Stem cell banking is necessary
Answer: Its good to preserve the cord blood. It can be used in treating wide range of cancers and many other diseases but its not mandate if you are interested and if u can also afford it financially then you can proceed for it.
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