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Question: Plz any one can tell the procedure of GTT test

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Answer: GTT means glucose tolerance test..they test our glucose levels...the procedure is first they will take a blood sample of ours and check the glucose levels... after that they give us a glucose powder and ask us to drink.. later they take our blood samples 6times on regular intervals..and check the glucose levels..if the first and the last levels are same then their is no diabetes in your blood..if it is more than 110 u have to follow medications suggesed by your doctor..I hope my answer is helpful for you
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Answer: If your GCT level is more, doc will suggest GTT. Glucose tolerance test. U have to go in empty stomach and give blood and urine. Then they will give u glucose to drink. Every half an hour they will take samples and that's it. If two or more value is within the limit, you are ok!! Nothing to worry. My tip for you is, don't take rice two days before your test. Take dhaliya upma, chapati like that. Reduce sugar intake and don't eat sweet fruit like mango, sapota.
Answer: Hello GTT is glucose tolerance test doctor will take yur sample of blood n urine in empty stomach then there will provide glucose water to drink after that there will again do yur blood test for glucose tolerance two times in one hour gap to see how sugar is dissolved in yur body. To get accurate results I would suggest take yur regular diet n yur lifestyle this will give clear picture in test to start correct treatment if required any. Take care
Answer: Pls share ur diet plan...I also have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.
Answer: Provide diet plan for gestational diabetes..pls
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Question: Hi. Any one tell me about gtt and hba1c test
Answer: Oral Glucose tolerance test is done for diagnosis of gestational diabetes. Usually done between 24-28 weeks of pregnancy. You have to be on fasting and the morning blood sample in fasting should be given. After that a 75g glucose solution will be given to you and your blood samples will be collected after 1 hr and then after 2 hrs. HbA1C is glycosylated heamoglobin and it determines your average blood glucose levels for a period of 3 months.
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Question: Hi .... can any one please tell me what is the process of GTT test ?
Answer: Hi! glucose tolerance test or GTT is taken during the pregnancy to check what is your diabetes status your doctor will ask you to have food and then the blood sample needs to be drawn and the test will happen and after that based on the report your doctor will be able to tell you as to what is your diabetes status . Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi can any one help me with the procedure of GTT?
Answer: Hello it is quite a simple thing..glucose tolerance test donot need any preparation as such..you just need to be empty stomach in morning to give blood sample and then after eating one more sample.thats it
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