3 months old baby

Question: Any milk powder available for brust milk increase

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Answer: Shatavari ..u can find it in any medical store.. it is ayurvedic.. increases breast milk.. u have to take it 2 times in a day with milk..
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    Bindhya jith34 days ago

    Dosage:60 gm shathavati for 1 time. Take 60 gm shathavari tuber , scrap and wash properly. Biol this with 1 glass milk and 6 glass of water,, reduce this to one and half glass. This can be for 1 time

Answer: Lactare granules is a good product, its an ayurvedic proprietary medicine
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Question: How to increase brust milk for my baby ???
Answer: hi dear first of all congratulations for the baby.. breast milk supply completely depends on the supply and demand between you and baby your body should I really make sufficient breast milk to feed a baby and to fulfill the babies hunger so more the baby lashes the more milk your body produces so please keep the baby on your breast and help the baby let's more and more of other than that there are few food items which can help you to increase your breast milk you can try; 1. Shatavari powder twice with milk 2. Methi in any form- methi sabzi, methi seeds with water, kasuri methi, methi laddoo, methi pills 3. Lots of garlic in food and desi ghee 4. Lots of water. Min 1 glass before & after every bf 5. Daliya with milk or oats once atleast 6. Ajwain 7. Zeera and jaggery.. grind together and hv spoonful with milk twice a day 8. Masoor daal 9. Papaya etc. Hope this helps!
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Question: Am 20 week pregnant.if any precautions taken for brust milk?
Answer: Hi,you should just eat well have all veges and fresh fruits. Avoid pineapple and papaya. Have daliya Oats Nuts Milk and milk products This will help!!
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Question: Any best powder or tablet for breast milk increase
Answer: is your baby completely on breast milk or on formula milk too ? if your breastmilk is not sufficient for her , then you shoud Have fenugreek seeds ,fennel seeds,cumin seeds. Make ragi milkshake and drink.Apart from this massage your breast in circular motions and drink warm water. for the time being you can offer her formula milk. keep offering her breast milk every 2 hour, the more he will suck , the more milk will produce. drink loads of fluid either in the form of water or juices , shakes , soups etc. dont loose hope. keep trying!
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