15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: any home remedies for gum bleeding?

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Answer: Honey is one of the natural remedies, though being on sweeter side. It contains anti bacterial properties that provide essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals helping to maintain healthy gums.
Answer: Instead of using brush, use fingers and have vicco powder massage gently.. you will feel better within week
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Question: Any home remedy for gum swelling and pain
Answer: Clove oil is the effective natural treatment that works as an antiseptic to fight against gum problems in pregnancy. You can either chew a piece of clove or rub clove oil on your gums. This is one of the alternative dental medicines for teeth and gum problems helping you to get rid of bacterial infections
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Question: To stop Implantation bleeding any home remedies
Answer: Hi. No dear no home remedies.. But implantation bleeding is not too much is like brown spotting and remains for 4-5 days. But if bleeding is too much and more than 4-5 days please viait your doctor.
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Question: Please suggest any home remedies for gum pain and swelling??
Answer: for gums related issues u should use one Amla daily in your diet as it is the richest source of vitamin c. you can use it in the form of candy or murabba.
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