10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Any home remedies for excess salivation?

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Question: Is it common Feeling nausea,excess salivation ??
Answer: It's common during pregnancy.. Use Tokovam tablet before breakfast and drink plenty of water as ur salivating u may feel dehydrated
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Question: My child have excess salivation ,is there anything to worry?
Answer: Hi dear, as its showing here baby is 5vmonths so it could be because of teething which is absolutely normal and there is nothing to worry about it. Just wear a bib to baby so clothes won't get wet.
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Question: Home remedies for excess hair grows of babies through their hand and leg
Answer: Hello dear Babies develop lots of fine hair called lanugo on their skin while in the second trimster. Though most of it will shed before birth, some will still remain after birth for some babies. This will eventually fall off when she grows, there's nothing to worry. If you feel there's something abnormal about it, please take the suggestion of your doctor. 
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