4 months old baby

Question: Any food that breastfeeding because I doesn't get enough milk

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Answer: Yes fengue Greek leaves, milk with garlic, cumin seeds uluva, eat uluva kanji everyday it's a mix of uluva cherupayar rice coconut and sharkara, then drink 3 litre of water every day
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Question: My baby doesn't get enough milk . which powder I can give for now???? Lactogen is okay????
Answer: Hello dear try these tips to increase breast milk massaging your breast helps to increase lactation Add Fenugreek porridge and oats porridge in your diet... Try Asparagus ( shathavari) powder in warm milk.. Drink plenty of fluids, fruit juices Add green leafy vegetables, fish, egg in your diet Avoid caffeine, stress factors... If breast milk is still low... You can start formula milk.... You can give Nan pro 1 Along with that continue Breastfeeding .....
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Question: My baby doesn't like cows milk, though I am still breastfeeding her will that be enough for her?????
Answer: No.. only breastfeeding to 15 month old baby is not enough. You should also give her mashed veggies cereals etc. And mashed fruits as well.
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Question: What food should I eat from now so that, after delivery I can get enough milk for my baby.
Answer: Hi now take nutritious diet that's all.milk is formed by harmones during pregnancy.after delivery if milk is insufficient then by consuming particular foods like sesame seeds,green leafy vegetables, carrots,raw papaya increases milk production.please like and share it if this information is useful.
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