31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: any doctor hear i have a major problem of polyhydrominious my fluid is 47 cm in 30 weeks with gestational diabetes pls tell me about side effects of this

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Answer: Polyhydramnios is a condition where a woman simply has too much amniotic fluid during her pregnancy. As a rule of thumb, polyhydramnios is usually diagnosed with an AFI over 25 or a big pocket of fluid on the ultrasound of over 8 cm. U should keep a control over your sugar level. Polyhydramnios might lead to some complications in delivery. • Increased risk of a breech baby (with more fluid, the baby can have trouble getting head down) • increased risk of uterine cord prolapse, which is when the umbilical cord slips out of the uterus and into the vagina before delivery of the baby • increased risk of bleeding complications after birth (the uterus can simply get stretched out and tired) • premature labor and delivery
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Question: Hello doctor my Amniotic fluid level is 11.6 cm is it k iam 30 weeks pregnant. Pls tell me what is the normal level of the fluid
Answer: Hey fluid level seems fine at this stage..I had excess fluid level at this stage..but yours is fine dear..no need to worry..keep yourlself well hydrated...
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Question: Why doctor told me to do diet for gestational diabetes instead of giving tablets ??did tablets have side effects??
Answer: Tablets are not given during pregnancy.. Insulin is given and that only if sugar is too high.. Better is to try diet control.. Avoid sugary foods. Eat small quantity of foods at regular intervals..
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Question: My doctor has asked me to have a cervical stitch. Will this have any side effects
Answer: No side effects except sometimes you might have to take complete bed rest till dilvry. The doctor will advise you on what to do.
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