9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Any cream for stretch marks

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Answer: Hello Stretch marks will not go away completely but you can lighten them with these tips Oil you affected area. Olive oil is the best as it gives vitamin boost to your skinThis gives moiturization wch will make the marks look softer Aloe Vera helps in promoting healing and soothes your skin.applyfor 15 mins and wash off with luke warm water. Apply honey n wash off aft 15 mins in warm water Egg white let it dry on the affected area then wash off with cold water Sugar and lime. Make a paste n rub on the area till the sugar dissolves Turmeric and sandalwood pack.
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. Stretch marks are formed when body expands.Pregnancy and sudden weight gain are main reasons of stretch marks. Body requires collagen. So if you can apply collagen at stretch marks you see results soon. Stretch marks are also formed due to lack of moisture. So keep the place and your body always hydrated. You can use shea cocoa butter, aloe Vera gel etc. Eat food that is rich in vitamin c. Slowly marks will fade. Take care
Answer: Hi... Coconut oil worked well for me. I started as early as 2 months even though I didn't have any. If u already have stretch marks, u can use coconut oil and also on the stretch marks rub lemon juice. It helps to lighten the scars.
Answer: Use naturally made mamaearth stretch marks creme.It reduces the marks and will moisturize and soothe itchy and dry skin.Its toxin free and organic.
Answer: Coconut oil and olive oil are the best recommendations for curing stretch marks. They smoothen out the stretch marks. apply 3 to 4 times a day
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Question: Is there any cream for removing stretch marks in stomach after baby delivery
Answer: Post delivery Strech marks are quit stubborn..I have had many and still after 6 years not delivery.. have them..you can though try using bio oil.it is effective in fading them in some extent.but can't really gaurentee..keep the skin well moisturised.. .
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Question: When to start apply stretch marks cream or oil to prevent stretch marks .. ?
Answer: From the beginning you can apply stretch mark oil in cream but if your mother has a stretch marks then more release you will get as it is genetical. apply coconut oil to thanks to keep the skin what should I eat to minimise stretch marks.
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Question: Please suggest any strech marks cream.
Answer: They gradually fade over the time by themselves but don't disappear completely even after birth. You can use bio oil or coca butter or olive oil or vitamin E oil twice daily to moisturizer and fasten the fading process.
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