36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Any chance to change the breech position baby to normal position (head down position) it's my 36th week

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Answer: Walk atleast 30 minutes everyday.. try to do kegal excersises.. Sweep the floor, better to use indian toilet.. engage yourself in household activities if you dont have any complications
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    Kalai Shruthi240 days ago

    position changed in 37th week

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Question: Is there any chance to change the head position from down to up ? Urgent! Please response
Answer: Y do u want to change the head position from down to up..down is best position for delivery.and as u have reached 40 weeks i dont think so the baby position will change...down is best...my baby head was lying on side and up...i so wanted it to come down n was tensed n thank god..yesterday's usg showed its down...so dont think much babys head must b down that is cephalic position n best for delivery.
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Question: Dear mam, now I'm in 36th week. My baby is in breech position. Is there any chance to baby get his head down , is there possibility of normal delivery?
Answer: Dear 36 weeks the chances are negligible. Still you can try to lie flat and raise your hips up in air... normal delivery for a breech baby is a little complicated although not impossible but you need doctor support for that so it depends on them
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Question: Hii...please can someone suggest how to change baby position from breech to head down..my baby is in breech position
Answer: Exercise for breech to head down in internet.try it now...but don't do stressfully try to do peacefully with rest between exercises
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