36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Any body can detect gender from the scanning report??😀

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Answer: Hi dear. You are in 36 weeks just wait and your surprise would be visiting you soon. As its illegal to tell and ask about gender in our country radiologist dont let any thing appear in your reports to detect gender of baby. As they may be in some deep problem legally. But you can play your guess games always ;). All the best.
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Question: How can we examine the gender of baby in scanning report. Any hint or clue
Answer: hie it is not possible to know gender by reports only during sonography it is evident hence would suggest wait for the big surprise to come.
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Question: How can we detect the gender
Answer: Hello, No,not at all no one predict the baby's gender,only the USG can detect the baby's gender and this is strickly prohibited in india
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Question: How we can detect the gender of baby from ultrasound report readings....????
Answer: No dear their no way to know about gender if you wanna know thn you need to wait till delivery. Good luck
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