12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Anti hcv (IgC&IgM) chemiluminescence 5.87 for me. Is it dangerous?

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Question: Hello. I am 10 weeks pregnant. Doctor asked me for blood tests and everything and in that anti hcv antibody are positive. What is it?
Answer: hi dear! A Reactive or a positive Hepatitis C antibody test result means that Hepatitis C antibodies were found in the blood and a person has been infected with the Hepatitis C virus at some point in time. so you will have to let us know if its igg that is positive or igm . as igg shows the infection had occured in the past and igm shows a recent infection dear. dont worry just visit your doctor if you have igm positive dear. take care dear!
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Question: Mam it's my 7th week. and my TSH(with anti HCV) is 6.8 . Is it normal?
Answer: 19 nov- 26nov = 1 week 27nov-3dec= 2 week 4-10= 3 week 11-17=4week 18-24=5week 25-31=6week 1jan-7jan= 7week 8-14=8 week
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Question: I am 2 month pregnant and my dr advices me to do HCV test.what is the use of this test and is it HCV or anti HCV?
Answer: It's too know if you are suffering fr8m hepatitis c or not. Every pregnant woman has to do this test.
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