20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Anterior low lying pkacenta grade 1 with cervical length 3.1 safe or not please help me

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Answer: Hi dear.. Low lying placenta is called as placenta praevia. Placenta praevia occurs in four grades, ranging from minor to major: Grade 1 – (minor) the placenta is mainly in the upper part of the womb, but some extends to the lower part. Since u r in grade 1, there is no need to worry.i t is not much riskier. Grade3 and grade 4 have more risk.
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    manasa beenaveni989 days ago

    Thank you mam

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Question: my placenta is anterior grade 1 n cervical length is 4.5 is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear.. This is normal position of placenta.. After the egg fertilises, it travels down your fallopian tube, and gets embedded in your uterus (womb). At exactly this place where the fertilised egg implants in your uterus, your placenta gets formed. Thus, the position where placenta implants and develops may vary from person to person. Anterior placenta, where the placenta is positioned on the front wall of your uterus (womb). The grade matures as your pregnancy progress.. Cervical Length is also normal don't worry
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Question: placenta anterior low lying grade 1 maturity
Answer: Hie Placenta anterior low lying is location of your placenta Where anterior being to the front wall Low lying. Implies placenta has implanted low down in your uterus Possibly as pregnancy progresses it might move up Don't worry As with the grade 1 its just grading pattern Placenta can be graded from 0 to 3 0 being towards the initial phase gradually moving to 3 towards end of pregnancy
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Question: Hi I am 25 weeks pregnant my cervical length 3.1 it's safe or not plz reply me
Answer: Hi! The length of your lower uterus level is the cervical length which is connected to your vagina. Usually a normal cervical length is 4-5 cm long when not pregnant and its closed and rigid but during the course of pregnancy it becomes soft and dilated hence women with short cervix get cervical stitches to protect the baby.. Dr. might ask you fr bed rest completely fr now.. Hope this helps!
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