25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Plz answer...what happens if your baby weight is little bit more..but i dnt have problem like gestatational diabetes. Im in 7 th month should i cut down quantity of fruit etc...

Answer: Don't cut down your fruit, you may try to reduce the amount of fat intake,but that too after consulting your doctor.
Answer: Don't cut down the quantity of fruits and vegetables, but take limited fats and carbohydrates.
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Question: Im 8months pregnant but i had little baby bump like football.baby have enough space and weight inside my little bump?? Im
Answer: Dear if your baby's weight is absolutely fine and the growth is going on time then there is nothing to be worried. Even I had a small baby bump and the reason was that my height is 5"7 and it was my first pregnancy. It did not hamper the growth of my daughter at all. Hope it helps.
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Question: Good morning mummy's , plz give your valuable suggestionsMy daughter is 3 month 17days , my daughter don't like plane lactogen ,if I add some amount of sugar then she like little bit , is sugar is good for baby ?
Answer: No dont give,is better u dont give sugar till the age of 1 year
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Question: I am 7 wks pregnant. Suddenly my body heat is high... dont feel like fever but i have little bit cold. Why does body temperature increase
Answer: Hi you should check the fever if you are feeling cold it is possible that you must be heading for fever if you get temperature you should consult your doctor for medications as you are pregnant you are you should take only save medicines under the consultation with your doctor
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